Coronavirus information

Look out for each other

UDE recommends wearing face masks even if it is not legally required.

Protect yourselves and others in crowded spaces.

Look out for vulnerable people around you.

Take protective measures in special work situations.

Protect yourself and others in large gatherings.

Remain connected. Find solutions together.

Quarantine rules & reporting illness

Individuals who have tested positive on a rapid test (at a test centre) or a PCR test must isolate for five days. This period begins on the day after the test. A test conducted yourself is not sufficient; the positive result must be confirmed by a rapid test at a test centre or a PCR test.

It is no longer legally required to produce a negative test result to leave isolation. However, it is recommended that you isolate until you have a negative test result.

Individuals who are not able to work due to symptoms of illness or who are supposed to attend compulsory classes or examinations should communicate this or withdraw in the usual way.


Medical certificates are to be handed in or sent to the Examinations Office within three working days after the examination. You can find further information on the Examinations Office’s website:


Self-tests for coronavirus can still be obtained from the central stock kept by the Procurement Department.